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LL CustomMapX 1.1.3

  • Some rules about plugins


What are the advantages?​

  • URL support, automatic parsing, configurable restrictions
  • Independent permission settings
  • Automatic in-game map generation
  • Multi-threaded processing of the network part
  • Configurable usage interval

How to use?​

  • You need to put your picture into plugins\CustomMapX\picture
  • Then type /map add <ImageFileName> in the server
  • If you add images after the server has been start, you will need /map reload, to refresh the image list.
  • You can get help with /map help
  • it will automatically look for the next image in the backpack

Introduction to the configuration file​

  "DownloadImg": {
   "Allow-Member": false //Whether or not to allow players to use URL images to generate ground pictures
    "ImgSize": {
      "maxFileSize": 15,//Maximum image size (MB)
    "maxHeight": 1408,//Maximum height
    "maxWidth": 1408//Maximum width
  "LocalImg": {
      "Allow-Member": false //Whether to allow the use of local images to generate maps
   "MemberRateLimit": 60//Player each use of the map drawing interval (unit seconds) set 0 for no interval

⚠️ Warning​

Please do not reproduce without permission, integration! This may keep it from ever being updated

Extra Restrictions & Exceptions​

You can't distribute, integrate, etc. without my authorized permission
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Latest updates

  1. 1.1.3

    Update 1.19.31
  2. 1.1.1

    Fix the bug that the map may be overwritten
  3. 1.1.0

    Support 1.19.20 Add URL to parse image and generate map picture New configuration file

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