LL LLAntiCheat 1.7.0

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Free AntiCheat plugin for LiteLoaderBDS
Powered by community, continuously updating
Features from existing open source solutions will not be added unless the integration would lead to a better experience
If you want to block Toolbox players, you can install AntiToolbox
Due to the proliferation of modified versions of Toolbox, the interception rate of this solution is low, and it is technically impossible to solve it


  • Anti Xray
  • High Performance Ore Obfuscate
  • Anti XpOrb
  • Fix funnel bug
  • Anti illegal using command block and structure block(fixed)
  • Anti KillAura
  • Anti illegal enchant
  • Anti illegal give(fixed)
  • Fix debug packet modify game data
  • Fix crash caused by push chest
  • Fix stonecutter change item data(fixed)
  • Add Anvil cost check(Anti fake exp)(fixed)
  • Anti FakeName
  • Fix thorns's bug: copy item and crash server(fixed)
  • Fix furnace copy item
  • Fix funnel minecart copy item
  • Fix furnace exp bug
  • Anti AutoClick
  • Anti fly and teleport(BDS built-in)
  • Anti range destruction(BDS built-in)


Install via Lip​

You should have Lip installed first. Refer to https://github.com/LiteLDev/Lip.

Then run the command below under the root of BDS:

lip install LLAntiCheat
For a specific version, run commands like:

lip install github.com/Tooth-Hub/[email protected]

Install manually​



In order to ensure the effect, please ensure that the LiteLoaderBDS has not been modified
If necessary, you can cooperate with LLEssentials to hide the seed
LLAC will change correct-player-movement and server-authoritative-block-breaking to true by default
Please make the type of server-authoritative-movement is "server-auth" or "server-auth-with-rewind" in server.properties

In order to protect proprietary software, this plugin uses other technologies to protect the binary files released by us. In case of false positives from anti-virus software, please join the (static scan) whitelist. To ensure your safety, it is recommended not to close anti-virus software or disable firewalls

Feedback&Feature Request​

[email protected]

Feedback group​

LLAC dedicated QQ Group: 931871701
QQ Groups, telegram channel and discord server of LL

Configuration File​

    //Anti x-ray
    "AntiXray": {
        "AntiXrayObfs": true,
        //Force transparent blocks(ID)
        "ForceTransparentBlocks": []
    "BuiltinPunish": {
        //Command executed when the number of cheats reaches CheatCountBan
        "BanCommand": "ban {player}",
        "CheatCountBan": 8,
        "CheatCountKick": 4,
        "CrashAsKick": false,
        "KickMessage": "[AntiCheat] You have been kicked for {reason}"
    //Enchant related information
    "Enchant": {
        //Max Level for Enchantments, Enchantments that exceed this level will be removed
        "MaxLevel": 5
    //Fixes for bugs that existed in the original BDS
    "FixOriginalBugSwitch": {
        //Fix Illegal Chest that cause Server Crash
        "ChestCrash": true,
        //Fix CopyItem Bug when the Container is pushed by the piston
        "HopperReplicate": true,
        //fix illegal itemStack Stacking which may be used for Copy Items
        "IllegalStack": true
    "KillAura": {
        //Attack interval time(ms)
        "AttackIntervalMs": 75,
        //Actors ininored
        "CPSIgnoreActors": [
        "CheckKillAura": true,
        //Enable fake player for detection
        "EnableFakePlayer": false,
        //Fake player's move angle
        "FakePlayerMoveAngle": 18,
        //Fake player's name
        "FakePlayerName": "LLAC",
        //Fake player's move count
        "FakePlayerUpdateCount": 60,
        //Fake player's move interval
        "FakePlayerUpdateInterval": 2,
        //The number of entities killed in seconds, more than this number will determine the player cheating
        "KillPerTenSecond": 8
    "Switch": {
        //  是否检测刷经验行为
        //  Whether to detect illegal Experience or Level Request
        "AntiXpHack": true,
        //  反矿透
        //  Prevent Player from Using Xray Mods to find Ores
        "AntiXray": true,
        // 是否检测玩家破坏方块
        // Whether to detect player's breaking behavior
        "BreakingDetection": true,
        //  检查附魔
        //  Check Item's Enchantment
        "CheckEnchant": true,
        //  禁用命令方块矿车
        //  Disable Minecart with CommandBlock
        "DisableCommandBlockMinecart": true,
        //  禁用NPC
        //  Disable NPC
        "DisableNPC": true,
        // 禁用皮肤
        // Disable skin
        "DisablePlayerSkin": true,
        //  阻止非法昵称
        //  Prevent invalid name
        "InvalidName": true,
        // 是否检测玩家移动
        // Whether to detect player movement
        "MovementDetection": true
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Latest updates

  1. 1.7.0

    Support LiteLoaderBDS 2.12.0(
  2. 1.6.2

    Compile with latest SDK Remove PlayerSkinPacket Checker because it's unstable
  3. 1.6.1

    Remove debug output

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