Ntrade - A new generation of player trading market plugins

LLSE-Js Ntrade - A new generation of player trading market plugins 1.0.8

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Ntrade - A new generation of player trading market plugins


Plugin features

Currently supports Simplified Chinese and English, more languages will be supported in subsequent updates

Full GUI All functions have corresponding GUI interface

Custom Server owners can modify the corresponding language pack according to their own needs to achieve custom effects

Support player's independent listing/de-listing The whole process is operated by the player, and the item name/price can be set without the intervention of the administrator

Support players listing items with NBT Not only limited to ordinary items, items with NBT can be listed

Support setting the time limit for removing the shelf Items that have been on the shelf for too long will be automatically removed from the shelf

Support the administrator to remove the shelf Items listed in violation of regulations can be removed by the administrator in time

Can set prohibited items Make corresponding settings in the configuration file to achieve the function of prohibiting certain items from being listed

Support players to view historical transaction records Check historical transaction trends at any time

Initialize the plugin

1. Configure the corresponding BDS server and install LiteLoader

2. Download the latest version of Ntrade

3. Put Ntrade.lxl.js in the decompressed package under the plugins folder of the BDS root directory

4. Start bedrock_server_mod.exe, then the plugin will automatically generate the corresponding configuration file

Modify the configuration file

Please refer to the following to modify the configuration file

Configuration file location: `plugins/Ntrade/config.json`

    "marketID": 1, //market ID, do not change under normal circumstances
    "llmoney": 0, //Whether to enable llmoney economy, 0 (false) is not enabled, 1 (true) is enabled
    "MoneyScoresBoardName": "money", //If it is a scoreboard economy, the corresponding scoreboard name
    "Password": "123456", //Offer authorization code
    "BanItems": [
            "type": "minecraft:clock", //Item id prohibited from listing
            "aux": -1 //The special value of items that are prohibited from being listed (-1 means that the special value is not restricted)
    "language": "en_US", //The main language of the plugin
    "AutoOffShelfTime": 72, //Time of automatic off shelf (unit: hour), if set to -1, it will not automatically off shelf
    "TaxRate": 0 //Transfer tax rate, if it is set to 0, no handling fee will be charged. If necessary, please change it to any number in [0, 1).

start using

Enter the /trade command in the server to open the GUI for corresponding operations

Contact the author

Email: [email protected] github:https://github.com/NIANIANKNIA/Ntrade
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