Note LiteLoaderBDS-2.6.0

[LiteLoader Release Note]​

LiteLoaderBDS-2.6.0 update has been released, adapted to BDS-1.19.21,BDS-1.19.22, ProtocolVersion 545

[New features]​


[Bug Fixes]​

  • Fix & recompile QuickJs to fix (#708) by @yqs112358
  • Fix Crash when creating AttributeModifier instance (#725) by @dreamguxiang
  • Fix PlayerDropItemEvent bugs by @dreamguxiang
  • Fix LLSE reloading the plugin after the command re-registration will lead to registration error (#689) by @Jasonzyt
  • Fix Player/CommandOutput's i18n function cannot pass fmt::named_arg by @Jasonzyt
  • Fix named argument in nodejs plugin pack output by @Jasonzyt
  • Fix after LiteLoader.dll is loaded Ctrl+C forced to close the service is not valid by @Jasonzyt
  • Fix date cannot parse time from string(quickJs) (#708) by @yqs112358
  • Fix LLSE hot reload quickJs plugin when ScriptEngine-NodeJs error message (#701) by @yqs112358
  • Fix AntiGiveCommand dynamic generate (#700) by @WangYneos


@Redbeanw44602 @Futrime @yqs112358 @WangYneos @shishkevichd @OEOTYAN @dreamguxiang @Jasonzyt
Redbeanw44602, Futrime, and 6 other contributors
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